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Our priority at HT Consultants is helping businesses, organisations and individuals harness their full potential to achieve growth.  Working with you we will help you identify, cultivate and maximise your capabilities.   Formed to help emerging technology companies harness their potential by helping them achieve greater clarity in their business strategy and focus on their business objectives, our experience spans the private and public sector, including Life Science and Health Care, Oil and Gas and the Security and Defence sectors.  With over 20years of coaching and 10years consulting experience, our passion is giving our clients greater clarity and focus to help make sure that they are set up for success and able to operate at a consistently high level of performance.

Certified High Performance coaching is a world class coaching programme in performance development. Underpinned by science it is focused at helping you succeed beyond the standard norms consistently over the long term. High performance coaching helps you experience greater clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence by mastering six main areas of life. Based on a holistic approach it is far more encompassing than just helping you reach one specific goal. Available as 1-on-1 coaching or as a team, this coaching programme will propel you to an advanced level of performance.  

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