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Webinar: How to be the BOSS™ of Your Wellbeing - the Six Secrets to High Performance Living

As we head into the festive season, are you being the BOSS™ of your wellbeing?  Is your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing fully charged, so that you are showing up as your best self and bringing positive energy into the room?  Or are you longing for the festive break, exhausted from long days, late nights and struggling to get stuff done? Isn't it time to take back control of your wellbeing?

Learn how in this FREE webinar on the Six Secrets to High Performance Living on Wednesday 6th December.  Register below to select your chosen event time - 1pm, 5pm or 8pm GMT on Wednesday 6th December!

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Experts Academy Live

On 25th-28th October 2017 Dr Ruth Mary Allan attended Experts Academy Live, the number one marketing event that can take your message, content and business into products and programmes that people will buy over and over again.

If you want to take your business to the next level, learn the fastest path, the appropriate message to craft and the strategies to apply and implement, please contact us
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Imperial College Make a Difference Competition

On 25th October 2017 the final stage of this year's competition took place. Provided to undergraduate students to help them develop low-cost technology that would have an impact in society, this competition is now in it's fourth year. Dr Ruth Mary Allan has kindly been invited to support as a judge and has been invited back again for the fourth year for FoNS MAD Competition 2018! For more information on the competition please click here!
Growth Summit Live

On 19th-21st October 2017 Dr Ruth Mary Allan attended Growth Summit Live, a three day event aimed at giving you the tools, strategies and best practices to live a healthier life, achieve your goals, improve your self-esteem and maintain a positive mindset in all that you do.

If you feel as if you're stuck in a rut and want to learn how you can take yourself or your business to the next level of growth, please contact us
Influencers Intensive

On 3rd-5th October 2017 Dr Ruth Mary Allan attended Mel Abraham's Influencer's Intensive course, a three day event to learn what the top 3% of Influencers do to standout as market leaders in their field.

If you feel you need support in helping you stand out in the marketplace and how you can take yourself or your business to the next level of growth and influence, please contact us.
Seminar - The Six Secrets to High Performance Living

On Wednesday 6th September was the monthly "Wellbeing Wednesday" initiative at the the Park Club Gym, 17 Croft Drive, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RP.

Here Dr Ruth Mary Allan explained what the six secrets to high performance living are and what you can do to lift your performance and potential to the next level at work and at home. If you want to take yourself to the next level of performance and potential, why not register for a free coaching session?
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