"I was initially sceptical about High Performance Coaching, but was keen to improve my performance at home and with my health, so had a free strategy session.  I was surprised at the positive effect it had on me and made me feel more alive and energised and so I signed up to the coaching programme.

Ruth's calmness as she lead me through the sessions is amazing.  Her enthusiasm, happiness and joy are infectious.  She enabled me to tap into that happiness and consequently l felt more empowered.  Since starting the sessions I feel a much greater sense of calmness in myself, and the techniques taught enable me to tackle life's challenges in a much better and consistent way.  I am more at peace with myself.  The changes have been transformational for me."
Paula, Parent and Grandparent
“It's hard to pinpoint one specific area in my life or specific life event as the single catalyst, but I knew I needed to make a change. My health, energy, work, being a mother and a partner seemed all to be requiring so much effort and I didn't feel I was giving the best of me on any front. My partner and I considered another form of therapy, but talking through things we concluded fundamentally we were strong, but other influencing factors were putting strains on us as individuals. It was an accumulation of separate events all requiring focus, so collectively we weren't focussing on us. After a friendly non-committal chat with Ruth I was intrigued to go further. 

We had two separate strategy sessions with Ruth as we needed to focus on different areas. Taking the time to articulate my way through clear, focussed questions with the guidance and counsel of Ruth helped us immensely. In particular, I ended the session with clarity of what I wanted to do and how I needed to get there. Prior to the session I was unsure and set no expectations but I/we needed to try something more than just a focus on the relationship. By the end I was stronger and more confident and energised to make small and impactful changes. 

No matter if you're reticent or really eager, this session is a start in an exciting and clear pathway. I highly recommend it.”
- Melanie, Management Consultant
“Ruth’s strategy session was really insightful. She was compassionate, yet also challenged my status quo. I loved how she provided clear, practical things for me to do and re-affirmed the need for me to better manage my wellbeing.”
- Jason, Director, Property Management Company.
"Ruth kindly provided me with a taster strategy session, and I'm so glad I took it up! The pre-session questionnaire not only gave me an insight into what Ruth wanted to focus on, but also what I felt I needed to focus on. Although it was a taster session, I felt I really benefitted from her knowledge and experience in this field. I now feel more focused and back on track with my personal and professional goals. Thank you, Ruth!”
- Alex, Programme Manager
”Ruth was passionate and committed to helping me structure my issues and reframe them as challenges that could be tackled in bitesize chunks. Her enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring."
- Leif, Management Consultant
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