Director - Dr Ruth Mary Allan

Ruth is a business performance consultant, Certified High Performance Coach™, mentor and professional speaker.   Since 2003 she has been supporting emerging technology companies and large corporations to gain clarity and focus on their projects and programmes to ensure successful delivery and growth, and has over 3years experience of doing this in the corporate world.

With over 20years coaching and 10years consulting experience across the Life Science and Healthcare, security and defence and oil and gas sectors, Ruth is able bring a breadth and depth of experience and challenge, as well as fun to individuals and organisations to take them beyond their comfort zone to elevate them to a higher level of performance.

Ruth has a keen interested in the Life Science and Health Care sector, having completed her PhD in Medical Imaging of Skin Cancer and is currently a VIP judge at the Imperial College Faculty of Natural Science Make a Difference competition.

In her spare time she enjoys cycling and running and works as a leader in mountaineering and skiing.

Certified High Performance Coaching™

Certified High Performance coaching™ is a world class coaching programme in performance development.  Underpinned by science, with proven results it is focused on helping you succeed beyond the standard norms consistently over the long term.  High performance coaching helps you experience greater clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence by mastering six main areas of life.  Based on a holistic approach it is far more encompassing than just helping you reach one specific goal.  Available as 1-on-1 coaching or as a team, this coaching programme will propel you to an advanced level of performance.  Contact us to arrange a free 1hr strategy session.
Free strategy session
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